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Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to get a hottie!

I've dated some VERY beautiful women in my
life...real 10's! And if you want to do the same,
I can teach you pretty much everything there is to
know to attract and date a model, a stripper or
a hottie.


What do Models, Hotties and Strippers have
in common? They all have men drooling all over
them wherever they go. These women are real 10s
and they know it.

Now you have to look at it this way: they get
asked out like 37 times each day (seriously!) by
all sorts of guys. Some are a complete joke who
want to take them out for dinner in McDonalds
(yes, I've heard some stories) while other drive
a Mercedes and own a yacht.

But they all fail because are COURTING these
women. This has to be the most common mistake
guys make when it comes to women and dating.
Please don't ever TRY to make a woman like you.

It doesn't work.

Women can't choose when they feel sexual
attraction for men like "Okay, I think he is
cute, funny and has an interesting personality,
I think it's time to become attracted to him."

It happens INSTANTLY!

But when you have all these guys trying to
BUY their affection by spending loads of money
and acting like nice gentlemen...then all their
efforts are for the gutter, really.

Read my lips here: This is NOT how you make
beautiful women have feelings for you. They will
not see you as that sexy man that they want to
kiss and get physical with.

Here's what I'm saying:

Why do you think that some of the most
beautiful women who can obviously CHOOSE anybody
they want...end up with dirty, sleazy, drunk
badboys who have tattoos all over their bodies
and treat them like crap?

Isn't that weird?

Very attractive women can get ANYBODY they
want, and they know it. So who do they go for?
Certainly not for those kind of guys that
approach and ask them out every day.

They need a challenge. They want somebody
that is in their league, somebody that is wild
so they can tame them. Somebody different that
doesn't go with the flow and does what everyone
else does.

So what chances have you got with a real 10?

Plenty, if you know what these women are
looking for. Go have a look at Dennis Rodman,
Kid Rock, Tommy Lee or Vince Neil. Those are
the role models you need to have a look at ...
not at those cute men you see in the movies who
rescue the princess.

If you want to become successful with models
or hotties you got to make sure you have a badboy
personality trait. Be wild, brake some rules and
be aggressive. If a woman acts like a brat, call
her on it. If you want something, then don't ask
for it...just take it!

It will take some time to get that trait
internalized because you have to study some
of the original badboy behavior like dominance,
aggressiveness and yes even slight arrogance...
but it works when it comes to women and dating.

Instead of saying "Hello, you are really
beautiful and I would like to take you out
for dinner sometimes" say something that only
somebody would say who KNOWS he can get
anybody he wants as well.

"HEY! You look cute...but I'm curious.
What else you got going for yourself but a
pretty lil' face. Tell me? Who knows, maybe
we get along" *evil grin*

Why do you think I get so many attractive
women? Because I have done my homework!

Now go do yours!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pick-up Specialist: Chitchat To Avoid

Previously, I’ve covered the chitchat you should avoid with women when you’re making a pickup or trying to get a phone number. However, after watching a few of my comrades try and come up with witty material for the ladies, sometimes they still try out those boneheaded topics of conversation that nullify their hopes and dash their best chances. Here are a few more conversation topics to avoid when you’re making chitchat and leaving behind that important first impression.

Describing yourself (or your own character traits)

As confounding as it may seem, there are still those rookie Players who feel the need to explain their personality traits to a woman rather than have her figure them out for herself. Perhaps it’s done as a form of self-validation or an honest attempt at being, well, honest, but it does nothing to promote your cause. When you describe yourself, you are throwing away any mystery about your character. It’s one thing to describe your job or your hobbies, but personality traits? It’s a buzz-kill, and it's a perfect example of the chitchat that players should avoid. Your character is meant to be discovered naturally; she’s smart enough to figure out if you’re nice, shy or brave, and it’s up to her to come to those conclusions. Romantic pursuits require subtlety and a casual approach that doesn’t need a fact sheet of qualifiers to check off as you go along.

Putting down other guys

It’s a natural, instinctive reaction for a male of any species to be suspect of another guy snooping around his business, let alone the object of your affection. We’ve all done it: gotten jealous of a guy who might seem stronger or faster, or even just ripped on another guy to show that you’re the better man. As far as women are concerned, this is more of an internal conflict that you need to keep to yourself. Women are not impressed by you blatantly positioning yourself as the alpha male.

So how does a Player go about it? For starters, don’t feel the need to put down other guys. It’s insulting, aggressive and makes you look like a self-absorbed douche. Again, it comes back to the idea of subtlety -- if there’s another guy who irks you, just smile and nod. An attractive man is defined more by his patience and tolerance than by his foul mouth, and women know it -- so should a Player.

Your own idiosyncrasies

The only thing worse than displaying your bad habits or idiosyncrasies is bringing them up with women. Your peculiarities are not what she’s interested in, and she doesn’t need you to explain any of your “endearing” quirks. Much to the chagrin of today’s geek-inclined men, pursuing women, especially very desirable women, still doesn’t involve talking about your collection of miniature spoons. Never has, never will.

Of course, what you may consider a normal idiosyncrasy might not be so normal to anyone else. If one of your idiosyncratic behaviors is being extremely superstitious, change the subject to a higher-level discussion about fate or luck. Always keep an ear open to what you’re saying and how she may hear it. An easy way to identify chitchat to avoid are things that have the potential to get lost in translation, and idiosyncrasies usually can.

Past conquests

It’s the bane of a woman’s existence: a guy who goes into a lengthy, unnecessary harangue about the number of ticks on his bedpost, or the number of women he’s been with. Past conquests are a fragile topic of chitchat to venture into, especially with someone you’re trying to win over. It’s not that your target doesn’t want to know about your history with women, it’s just that some details (most details, actually) don’t need to be expressed.

Keep that aura of mystery and confidence, at least initially. Spilling the beans shows signs of desperation and a willingness to change just for her, which could turn her off. As she becomes more interested in you, release a few tidbits at a time, but never expose too much. Talking about conquests or relationships shows a degree of insecurity that will tarnish your image.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

So here are 9 ways to push yourself in dating

If you have been reading my dating tips
for a long time, you should know that one of my
core philosophies is to constantly push one's
self-imposed limitations and go further than
other guys are willing to go. After all, most
people are lazy and if you are willing to go
further than them, then naturally you are going
to have more success in the world.

So here are 10 ways to push yourself in

1) Push yourself to make more friends: As I
always say, having a wild circle of friends or
an active social life is a must if you would
like to meet tons of women. The most popular
men and women are usually the ones that are
the most sociable.

2) Push yourself to flirt more: If you
flirt more than the average guy, you WILL
have more success in dating than the average

3) Push yourself to be more of a leader: The
alpha male always get more women than the average
Joe, and because most people would rather be
followers than leaders, often times you can
become alpha just be stepping up to the
plate and taking care of other people.

4) Push yourself in the gym: Muscles alone won't
help you in dating, but it definitely won't
hurt your success rate to look better.

5) Push yourself to advance with women: Be it
getting her number, holding her hand, or cuddling
with her, you should always be pushing ahead.

6) Push yourself to raise the bar: Improve the
quality of women you date over time, both in
terms of looks AND personality/character!

7) Push yourself in your education, business,
or career. Although I do not believe using money
to chase women, I totally believe that building
one's social status through wealth and education
can improve success in dating.

8) Push yourself to try new things: Cool people
have adventurous lives. Get yourself out there!

9) Push yourself to rest hard: If you do all
of the above without resting, you're going to
be burned out in no time. So cut down on "useless"
activities such as playing video games.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

25 Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

Here are 25 signs a woman is interested in you.

1) She flirts with you, but not with other guys.

2) She talks to you a lot, but not to other guys.

3) You catch her checking you out.

4) She lets a strap fall off a shoulder but does not fix it.

5) She's extremely excited and touchy when she is around you.

6) She flips her hair at you.

7) She flashes her wrists at you.

8) She licks her lips when she talks to you.

9) She leans over and whispers to you.

10) She mingle her stuff with yours.

11) She smiles genuinely when she's around you.

12) She fidgets with her clothes around you.

13) She laughs at your dumbest jokes.

14) She mirrors your body position.

15) She calls you for random reasons.

16) She blushes when she looks at you.

17) She tries to "domesticate" you or to cook for you.

18) She gives you "the vibe".

19) She dresses up when she knows she will see you.

20) She's available when you ask her out.

21) She preens when she is around you.

22) She does not talk about her boyfriend...ever...even when she has one.

23) She keeps her eyes locked on you while she talks or drinks.

24) She smiles or blushes when she catches you checking her out.

25) She tries to probe information about you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Where to Take Women on Dates

Here are a few good ideas for a first

1) Bowling

Bowling is a good example of a "fun"
date. You will get to interact with her, and
if you are good at bowling, you can even teach
her a trick or too.

2) Dessert

Women can rarely turn down a good dessert.
Look for a good dessert place in your town and
take women there for a date. They'll love it!

3) Ice Skating

Ice-skating isn't just a cheesy date
idea from movies. It actually works. Hold her
hand and teach her how to skate if she doesn't
know how.

4) Mini Golf

Just like ice-skating and bowling,
mini golf is a fun date that will allow you
to interact with her.

5) Dinner At Home

Offer to cook her dinner or to let her
cook YOU dinner at your house. It's nice, casual
AND romantic!

6) Dinner Theatre

Instead of just going out for food, look
for a dinner theatre for a fun evening of

7) Picnic

Picnics are fun. Be classy and get some
nice cheese from your local specialty
cheese shop!

8) Art Museum

If the woman is the artsy type, take her
to an art gallery or museum. To avoid looking like
an idiot, make sure you know at least a little bit
about art yourself...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What players have that you dont have?

Last time I talked about how there
are many men out there who resist the theory
of attraction. Today I am going to confront
another group of men - guys who think it is
hard for them to get a girlfriend because
they are not players.

Here is what I think: Instead of
of envying players because they get more
women than you do, think about how you can
learn from them and borrow some of their good
qualities that you lack...

For example...

1) Do they flirt more than you? (Flirting
and being playful are extremely important
when it comes to building attraction.)

2) Do they have more experience than you?
(As my romantic intelligence theory goes,
a lot of players are good with women
simply because they started out at a younger

3) Do they act like more of a challenge than you?
(This ties in with experience. A man with
more experience and lots of options can
AFFORD being a challenge.)

4) Are they more sociable than you?
(As I have stated in the past, I have yet
to meet a player who isn't sociable.)

5) Do they have a better external image than you?
(It is not who you are inside, but what
kind of IMAGE you give image, that matters.)

6) Are they more comfortable with their
own body than you are?
(How can you close if you aren't even
feel comfortable cuddling with a woman?)

Once you have identified the
things that you lack, then the next step
is to work on getting the same things. Work
on one thing at a time, and eventually
you will have the same success.

By the way, you can use the same
technique to model yourself after successful
people in various fields including business
and school!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Defense of Attraction

One criticism that I get all the time,
especially from my "more conservative readers"
from other cultures, is that it is "wrong"
to treat attraction seriously because it creates
social problems. According to these guys...

1) Divorce rate is higher in Western countries
because people are allowed to pick the partners
they like.

2) Women and men often cheat in Western cultures.

3) Women are more materialistic in Western cultures

4) Pre-arranged marriages have worked for thousands
of years, and the concept of "dating" is still
relatively new, so it may not be "right".

5) If everyone just listened to their hearts, people
would be no better than animals.

6) Flirting sucks because it creates uncertainty. It
is not logical.

7) Allowing women to dress up in sexy clothes create
many problems.

Here is my response to this bullsh**:

1) The divorce rate has actually been dropping in
Western countries in recent years. But that is
besides the point, as even a higher divorce rate
does not necessarily mean "dating" and "attraction"
are bad. Why? Because up to a hundred years ago,
divorces were not even available to the general
public. Kings and rich men could divorce (and
take on new wives), but not the average guy. Ask
your grandparents if it would have been appropriate
for their own grandparents to get a divorce!

Just because there were less divorces back then
doesn't mean people were any happier.

2) Cheating has existed in every culture since
the dawn of time. Plus, it's funny how the
guys who complain to me about their wives looking
at other guys are often the same guys who cheat
on their wives...


Instead of worrying about women cheating on you
because they have the freedom to, worry about
how to keeping your relationship healthy so
that they won't WANT to.

Hint: Check out:

3) As I have stated before, most people are
at least a tiny bit materialistic. Women in
western societies may consume more because
they have more money. But it's no different than
the parents of a woman from a more traditional
culture wanting to force their daughter into
marriage the rich local landlord. (Explain THAT!)

4) I really think guys who whine about attraction
do so out of fear. They feel like they are
losing power. Instead of adapting to an
important trend, they just get angry and upset.

Here is my advice if you belong to
this group of men:

Subject yourself to change!

You gotta subject yourself to change
before it subjugates YOU. This is an eternal
law that applies to the rise and fall of
people, companies, and nations. If you don't
change in changing times, you're going to

Family, national, and religious values
will continue to have less and less power over
relationships and love. Don't fight it. Learn
how to use it to your advantage!